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7 62 vs 308 ballistics

By | 12.05.2021

In this cartridge comparison, we are going to look at two cartridges that many people probably have never thought about comparing; The 7. The 7. While the. We will take a look at this idea in this cartridge comparison article over the 7. Yes, we know that most might wonder why not compare the 7. The reason is because of what we mentioned earlier in that the 7.

7 62 vs 308 ballistics

We are not looking to name one of these cartridges as the best of the two. This is simply a comparison of two cartridges that many shooters might have to choose between when looking for a new firearm.

We will take a brief look at the history of the two and then move on to a discussion of some of their ballistic properties. By doing this, we hope to have a better understanding of which situations each cartridge will be better suited for. We will shortly get to the actual numbers and comparisons of these cartridges, but we think that understanding where these cartridges originated and how they found themselves in our shooting culture and vernacular is also important and gives you a better understanding of what their original use was intended for.

In this section, we will also compare the basic specifications of the cartridges. Its stint in the military did not last long in this capacity, but American manufacturers saw the potential of the cartridge for civilian use, specifically in the police and hunting world. Where the. The heavy bullet and high energy make it great for use in whitetail country with thick cover.

There are several bullet weights and bullet designs that have increased the versatility of the. It has undergone numerous design adjustments from then to the modern cartridge we have today.

This cartridge is often highly regarded in close quarters combat as well as in gun shooting competitions. It has recently seen a small increase in popularity in the hunting world as well.

7 62 vs 308 ballistics

The bullet weight for most 7. Before we dive into various ballistic and other performance categories, we always like to take a brief look at the similarities and differences between the case and bullet dimensions. It gives us an idea of how they might match up to each other, and it also gives us something to fall back on when we do see differences in the ballistics and helps us understand why they show those differences.

You can see right off the bat that the. The neck diameter is similar which we would expect given the diameter of the bullets used are 0. This allows the. Interestingly, the specs of the 7.

We are going to see in the ballistics section that these cartridge specs line up with well with the different ballistic properties between these two cartridges.

Now that you have some of the basic information of these two loads, we are going to dive into some key points of discussion about the similarities and differences between the two and get down to the details of the 7. In our comparisons, we will look at five of the more popular cartridges of both the 7. We have selected these rounds based not only on popularity but also in a way to cover a broad range of the type of rounds that are available.

We have light to heavy grained. And yes, this is still a small sample size given the number of options that are out there. This list was not compiled as a list of the greatest rounds available.

We had to have a cutoff somewhere for the sake of clarity with the graphs.Gun nut, Tom McHale, risks a fight to explain the subtle nuances between 7. USA — - Ammoland. OK, so that was a bit of a wise guy response, but those statements are all quite true. During the s and early s, military rocket surgeons wanted to improve the effectiveness of the M1 Garand rifle and its.

One contender, more suitable for higher capacity box magazines was a modified. While specs varied throughout development, it ended up as the earliest iteration of the 7.

But, as usual, the commercial market was more nimble, and Winchester launched the. It took the government until to have a cartridge and rifle hitting the barracks with similar specs. As with most things, the devil is in the details.

That 50, number is actually an accurate representation of copper units of pressure or CUP.

7 62 vs 308 ballistics

A far less precise way to measure pressure, the method literally relies on looking at how much little copper disks compress when you fire the gun. In other words, the maximum pressure for 7.

As both loads are routinely proof tested at far higher levels, this 4, isn't a difference that's going to alter the trajectory of Michael Moore's daily Krispy Kreme run. Measuring the thickness of cartridge cases is kind of a pain, especially since I tend to mash them all up when trying to cut them in half with my Dremel tool. So, I took the shortcut to illustrate the difference. From my big bucket of. I picked several of each and averaged the weights. The thicker brass of 7.

Last but not least we get to the real difference. Military rifles for 7. The solution is to make the chamber headspace a bit longer. If chamber headspace is too long for a cartridge, it will float back and forth in the chamber. If headspace is too small, the bolt will not close properly or will require excess force to close. How much different is the headspace? The 7. The brass will stretch, possibly enough to contribute to a dangerous case rupture. Doing the same thing with thicker military brass is no big deal and the way the system was designed.For decades the Winchester was in many respects a benchmark and go-to caliber for long range shooting.

However, in recent years, the 6. With the 6. The question commonly asked is whether the 6. Some who favor the Winchester refer to it as "Gods Caliber" and call the 6. Conversely, those who favor the 6.

The question which is commonly asked is whether one is better than the other. In ballistics and shooting, there is always a tradeoff in performance so when the question of 'better' or 'best' comes up, our take on it is generally that it depends on the situation and context. There is no one cartridge that is the 'best' choice for every shooting scenario. The 6.

.308 vs 7.62×51 Ammunition My “Serious Purposes” Warning

However, the Win shoots heavier bullets which provides some advantages with regards to kinetic energy. We compare our Eagle Eye Precision Match loadings of each cartridge to help shooters determine which is the best choice for their application. The Eagle Eye 6. We compare the ballistic performance of each Eagle Eye cartridge and other generic factory loadings.

Both the 6. The limiting factor in accuracy with both cartridges will be atmospherics ie. The picture below shows 5-shot groups from Eagle Eye 6. When comparing the drop trajectory of the two cartridges, the 6. The considerably faster velocity of the 6. The flatter trajectory of the 6.In this cartridge comparison, we are going to examine two cartridges that behave very similar in the ballistics category. The 7mm vs. Both have their place in the hunting and competitive shooting world, and we will come out front stating that both can easily become your top cartridge choice when in the field under the right conditions.

In this article, we are not going to argue for one cartridge over the other but look objectively at the differences between these rounds in various performance categories. With this information, we are better able to draw conclusions as to which scenarios each of these cartridges will be better suited for use in specific shooting scenarios.

The 7mm was derived from necking down the neck of the. At the time of its arrival, the popularity of 7mm bullets was growing exponentially because of its ballistic performance and the lighter recoil compared to other larger hunting cartridges.

The 7mm provides an excellent hunting cartridge for medium to large game. It was intended to provide lighter recoil while maintaining heavy enough bullet weight and velocity to effectively reach out and kill game efficiently.

Even so, it has a variety of bullet weights, mostly within the grain weight although there are heavier rounds available that are closer to the common hunting rounds of the. Not long afterward, its performance specs were impressive enough to be adopted by the military and where it saw heavy use in Vietnam.

While the NATO version of this round was short-lived, it has and will continue to have a loyal and dedicated market for the avid hunter. This is a larger bullet with excellent range, penetration, and stopping power. While the. And while it might not be as ubiquitous in these circles as it once was, the fact that it is still around in modern tactical units is a strapping commendation for the cartridge. Because of the popularity of this cartridge, which comes from its performance, there is a wide variety of ammunition with various bullet weights and designs making it easy to match your ammunition with your intended hunting or shooting scenarios.

We always like to take a brief look at the case and bullet specs of the two cartridges that we are going to be comparing. Not only does it give us some insights into how these two cartridges might behave, but we also have a sense of why they are similar or different when we look at the various ballistic and other performance characteristics. The 7mm cartridge was derived from the. The casing of the 7mm is slightly longer than the.

The overall length of the cartridges are the same though the base diameter is slightly, and we mean slightly, wider for the. Even with those changes, case capacity and the max pressure that the casings can withstand between these two cartridges are very similar. What we will see is that when looking at ballistic performance between the 7mm vs. To compare these two cartridges, we have selected five types of rounds for each cartridge of various bullet designs and weights to give a broader perspective on how these cartridges differ.

We realize that there are a lot of other options out there and there is a good chance that a round that you like might not be here. And though we are only going to graph ten rounds, we compiled a lot more than that. To give you some piece of mind that our sample size is a better representation of the full complement of these cartridges, we will also present the averages of twenty rounds for each cartridge at the end of each section.

The full list of rounds can be found at the end of the article. These are also factory loads, and we decided to omit and hand loaded cartridges that are often loaded quite a bit hotter than factory loads. While handloading and the max specs of these cartridges is important and warrants discussion, it is beyond the scope of this article. The majority of people rely on factory loads, so we are going to limit this discussion to popular rounds that are available at retail stores.

Below we have listed the rounds we will be using for comparison. The majority is taken directly from the manufacturer, and other data points have been generated by us through trusted ballistic calculators. These numbers might differ from numbers generated by other people through chronographs or other physical means through their gun platform. The reason computer-generated statistics are a good means for comparing two cartridges is because each gun might turn out slightly different numbers.

So while these numbers might fluctuate depending on where you look and the rifle used, the trends we see should remain constant. When deciding between cartridges, recoil is often a major factor that a lot of shooters take into account.

.308 VS 7.08 VS 7.62 x 54R VS .357mag Penetration Test

It might be from fear of the kick, but most often it has to do with pulling off consecutive shots while maintaining accuracy. In this section, we will take a look at the actual force that is produced when firing these two cartridges in ft.First, let's start this discussion with a comparison between the 7. The differences between them are very small, but they are not precisely the same. Since the cartridge was designed to be the NATO standard military battle rifle cartridge, the military specification for the NATO round required a thicker brass cartridge case, and established a maximum chamber pressure of 50, psi.

On the other hand, the commercial. There are some other very minimal differences, but in practice it is generally safe to use the two cartridges interchangeably. If using. The cartridge was developed in the 's as the NATO standard small-arms cartridge. Standardizing a single cartridge for use among all the NATO allies provided a substantial advantage over the previous situation whereby each NATO nation was armed with its own cartridge with little, if any, interchangeability.

The US military at the time was still armed with the M1 Garand. NATO adopted the cartridge as its standard in Winchester ammunition offered the commercial version of the cartridge to the marketplace ina couple years earlier than the NATO adoption. We were still using the old M1. I don't remember when I saw my first M14, but it was sometime after that.

I was on a couple military rifle teams during that era, and for our competitive shooting, we were using National Match M1 rifles. The M14 had a very short service life as the main battle rifle.

Not very many years after its introduction, Vietnam got hot and hotter as time passed. It was a long and reasonably heavy rifle, neither of which was well suited for the steaming jungles of RVN. In addition, the weight of the ammunition restricted the amount that could be carried by the individual soldier. The DOD folks did numerous studies and conducted countless tests finally arriving at the conclusion that in this case anyway, smaller really was better.

They deduced that an 8-soldier unit armed with AR rifles and. On the other hand, the. There is good reason for that fact. The difference in power between the.

7 62 vs 308 ballistics

The cartridge will fit through a shorter action than the. We could probably come up with other nits, but in reality no animal that ever lived could tell the difference in being squarely struck with a good grain bullet traveling at fps, and the same good bullet fps faster.

I recently picked up a very nice. I haven't been able to determine with percent certainty who crafted the stock, but all indications point to the late Jere Eggleston as the maker. It is a terrific little rifle. It is built on an intermediate length Mauser action, and shoots like a dream. With the unlikely exception of another Cape buffalo hunt in Africa, I could comfortably and efficiently do all the remaining hunting I have left in me with this one rifle.Ft Collins, CO — - Ammoland.

Military-rifle chamber dimensions for the 5. Today, SAAMI continues to dictate chamber dimensions and pressure standards for all commercial calibers, and all gun and ammunition manufacturers dutifully comply. Tight chambers boost accuracy but have no place on high-capacity, military rifles.

The combination of generous chamber dimensions and adequate leade is intended to prevent stuck cases, broken extractors, and pressure-spikes in autoloading rifles, particularly when they get hot. Of course, loose chambers yield slightly less inherent accuracy than tight chambers. However, for serious purposes, this accuracy compromise is insignificant. With additional heavy persuasion on the part of DOD, the 7.

We are told the decision has now been made at DOD to supersede the 5. While the military 5. Military chamber dimensions for 7. In any event, this anomaly has become an issue for manufacturers of military-style rifles in this caliber, as you might imagine. For one, I want my serious rifle to chamber and shoot anything!

With my FS 7. Once again. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www. Shot both an 7. It can be dangerous to fire thin walled. The actual headspace gauges are the same. It also depends on what type of ammo the weapon is designed for.

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