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Funny frat house names

By | 22.02.2021

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I had some friends who were fraternity guys at a Big XII school I won't say where in Texas do a prank flyer about a new fictional sorority that was starting on campus, Eta Omicron Epsilon think about the letters. They did not put the greek letters on the flyers, all they said was basically, " Do you want to be one of the first official Eta Omicron Epsilon's on campus?

Come to an informational meeting on insert date at insert location ". Since it was right after rush, a few women who did not get into the house they wanted showed up! It was not nice, but it was funny, and some of the women ended up becoming little sisters or whatever.

Before I joined a sorority, my friends and I would joke that there should be a sorority called Eta Pi. Wasn't there a fraternity in ? KEG This isn't so much funny, as really awful :o My campus has a 3-story centrally located lobby, where sororities would hang drop-posters congratulating their new members or new sisters and other groups would hang ads for events, etc. Some vicious group got together one day and hung a drop-poster reading "Sigma Tau Delta congratulates our new members" with a list of STD's altered slightly to look more like girls' names "syphilisa" etc.


My ex boyfriend said that he wanted to make up a fraternity called Pi Omicron Tau. Originally posted by xok85xo my junior year in college for halloween several of my sisters and i decided to dress up as members of the tau iota tau chapter of the alpha sigma sigma sorority. Originally posted by aephi alum Wasn't there a fraternity in ? The sorority that Donna and Kelly were in was the Alpha Omega house. I used to love that show! I once saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "Kappa Tappa Kegga. Originally posted by jharb I know they always referred to the fraternity in as the Keg House, but I wasn't sure if the letters really were Kappa Epsilon Gamma.

Jess There is an Alpha Omega house here at Nebraska, but it's a campus ministry. Trojangirl, I actually like that idea! Anyway, before I rushed, I dressed up as a stereotypical "sorority girl". I had the buttons from every sorority on campus pinned to me and I wore letters that I had made at the greek store. It said Gamma Nu Omega I thought it was pretty cute :.

One of the fraternity houses on my campus caught fire when I was a student there. As it turns out, the fire was set by members of that fraternity accident and the members of the four other fraternities on campus started referring to it as Pi Rho. Later in the year that same fraternity threw a disco party and everyone giggled when they played "Disco Inferno.

After a couple of guys didn't get into the Frat they wanted, they made shirts that said "Tappa Kegga Dayya" to make fun of the greeks on campus. We all actually thought it was funny and I believe some of the brothers from the frat that didn't take them started wearing them too!

There were some guys on my campus no idea who who posted flyers all over campus for Sigma Epsilon Chi, with this big crest on it. The principle feature of the crest I remember was a nekkid women's legs spread wide open.So now the only time I can really experience that life is by watching it in film. And no great college movie comes without the asswipe fraternity.

funny frat house names

From classic handsome Rush Chair to the guy who can down an entire bottle of Jack, to the stupid pledges who get taken advantage of, these guys have it all. Lead by a young David Spade, these guys are the perfect preppy fraternity. From the military garbs to flat out abuse these guys are the classic asshole fraternity that every college has and every college hates. Brutal hazing, obvious racist tendencies and a penchant for old school Roman behavior with young boys.

Plus having Snoop Dogg play your party helps. They introduce a skinny DJ Qualls to a huge girl that deflowers him, they have a midget dancing, throw amazing parties, and play host to 4 annoying white guys. These guys rule in my book. Lover of all things video game, anime, or manga. I'm passionate about these things and virtually nothing else. Hope you enjoy my musings! Excellent read. I just got back from a weekend lake trip with my old frat buddies and you just fall back into the old jokes and binge drinking.

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funny frat house names

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Funny House Names

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Unusual House Names

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funny frat house names

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funny frat house names

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The Best Fictional Fraternities In Movies

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