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Infiniti g37 chip tuning

By | 25.03.2021

Infiniti Performance Chips are best in class horsepower, torque and fuel economy gains. A 60 second plug-n-play install is all it takes to increase the performance and mileage of your vehicle. The tuning improves the timing and boost pressure if your engine appliesall while maintaining the vehicle warranty. The performance chip easily unplugs for emission testing and diagnostic work.

No modifications are required for your performance chip to work on your vehicle. If you ever wish to return to your vehicle to stock form, simply unplug the performance chip from the OBD2 port, and the factory ECU will resume with the original fuel map. Keep an eye out for vehicle performance products offering impossible numbers with just a resistor. Our Infiniti Performance Chips combine the feel of a more powerful engine, with the economy of a small motor.

The performance chip loads new, pre-tuned and motor-specific fuel maps onto your ECU, improving throttle response and overall performance of your Infiniti.

Does your Infiniti have aftermarket modifications? Not a problem with these performance chips. Chip Your Car Performance Chips will adapt to your modifications and provide the tuning necessary for your specific vehicle.

All tunes are dyno and road tested to ensure optimal results. If the vehicle is turbo or supercharged the chip will also increase boost pressure. The chip simply plugs into the obd2 diagnostic port typically located under the dashboard on the drivers side. Total installation time is typically 60 seconds or less for one of our Performance Chip. No mechanical experience or special tools are required.

Technical support is available at Yes, in fact, performance chips are considered safer than factory chips. Performance Chips improve the existing factory fuel map, thereby improving the efficiency of your vehicle. Your performance chip will start working immediately after installation.

While a loss of any vehicle warranty has never happened as a result of the installation of one of our performance chip products, Chipyourcar.What to expect with PCR? The PCR Performance Module focuses on increasing power to the wheels while optimizing fuel efficiency for the most miles per gallon. To achieve this, the PCR Performance Module completely revamps the air and fuel mixture going in to allow for the most efficient burning of the fuel possible. Giving you an incredible increase in throttle response for absolute control in any driving situation.

infiniti g37 chip tuning

Essentially, adding up to 60 Horsepower and up to 8 MPG for you to enjoy on the road! Top-Rated Technical Support. Our technical support team is here to assist you at every turn. Better yet, we make sure to include a "specific" to your vehicle Installation Guide, instead of shipping you a "generic" Installation Guide like our competitors. This cuts down on installation time when our product is delivered, leaving out the need to contact any support for the correct diagrams to your vehicle.

Everything you need to install properly the first time is included.

infiniti g37 chip tuning

What comes with my PCR order? Full Installation Guide specific to your exact vehicle, diagrams included. Free Two Day Shipping - get it faster. PCR versus the Competition. With our PCR Performance Module, the only changes that are made to your engine are the ones that matter to you, power and fuel efficiency. If you would like to go back to factory original settings, simply unplug the PCR Performance Module and everything goes back to its original settings instantly.

Leaving behind no traces or footprints. This chip does everything it says, so I'm a happy customer. My Ram truck with 5. Couldn't be happier! Mason N. My Chevy Trailblazer is running way smoother. I went on a little roadtrip to Denver this past weekend and saved an additional mpg. Im sure support is great but I didnt need any help installing it was so easy to be honest. Excellent bang for the buck and yes I have tried several different performance chips on the market except for the really expensive ones.

Cory D. The best part about it is you get surprised everytime you slam on the gas pedal. Tires actually leave marks on the road at a stoplight now, wow. Loving the drive to and from work now I can take the scenic route without a fuss. Made driving fun again! Roland K. Awesome product!!! I have a Ford F 5. Don't believe me? Give it a try and see for yourself.Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart!

Select Your Vehicle. Year Fits: Infiniti G35 3.

Infiniti Performance Chips

Previous 1 Next. Not able to find what you are looking for? In the world of modern fuel injection computers are king.

But just because you can't tune your fuel injected vehicle with a screw driver doesn't mean that you have to give up on tuning altogether.


Most vehicles come from the factory with fuel mapping that is extremely rich. This is done as a way of idiot proofing cars to keep the motors safe from people who recklessly thrash their rides. However in most cases it is possible to tune the mixture a bit leaner while still maintaining safe parameters.

A leaner mixture means increased power and can also improve fuel mileage. The best part is it all happens with a few clicks of a button, and if you want to return your vehicle to stock, these setups are simple to unhook. Q: What is a performance chip? Why buy one? A: Most modern vehicles use computer controlled engine management systems that actively adjust things like ignition timing and fuel delivery to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

However many factory systems are tuned conservatively for normal road driving and to keep a high margin of safety for the engine. Performance chips can be added to your vehicle to give a more aggressive state of tune for improved power and performance. The best part is you do not have to make any internal engine modifications to see these gains.

Simply add your performance chip and you are ready to go. Q: Are power programmers truly "plug-and-play"? A: Vehicle-specific Power Programmers are truly plug-and-play. No tools are required, and the programmer will come with instructions.Infiniti had a great run with the G It was the perfect car for those who wanted a more luxurious, grown-up version of the Nissan z. It quickly rose to popularity and became the weapon of choice for stance enthusiasts, racers and daily drivers alike.

However, it had its flaws. Not many enthusiasts liked the typical VQ35 sound. The mids look felt dated, and the engine would feel like it was running out of air beyond RPM.

Enthusiasts wanted a lot more. Something fast, modern and practical enough to use every day. Soon after the launch, aftermarket performance parts became readily available, and there was a new modded G on the streets.

Enthusiasts like us will always find a way to make our cars go faster, sound louder and look better. If you really want to put your engine to the test by unlocking its maximum potential, forced induction is the way to go.

Thankfully, the VQ37HR engine seems built for forced induction and can handle a ton of additional power.

What is forced induction you ask? As the name suggests, it is a way of forcing more air into your engine. Doing this helps your engine to deliver hotter combustion and with that, more power. Exhaust and intake modifications will only take you so far. Turbo kits are expensive. A bone stock Infiniti G37 makes around whp.

To reach whp on a naturally aspirated setup, you need to install:. Superchargers and turbochargers do the same thing, but they do it differently.

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Both turbos and superchargers are among the best G37 mods for performance. The difference between turbochargers and superchargers can be felt in the way they deliver power. Superchargers lack that punch that turbos have, but are more reliable, cheaper and easier to maintain. Your engine needs to inhale and exhale.

It inhales through its intake and exhales through its exhaust. For this to make any sense, you must know that fuel only burns when mixed with air.

The air that your engine draws, is sprayed into the combustion chamber to create an air-fuel mixture. This air-fuel mixture is ignited by your spark plugs during the compression cycle. This is how a four-stroke engine makes power. So it is needless to say that intake plays a vital role in any engine. There are ways to improve the quantity and quality of air that your engine draws. This can be done with the help of upgrades like a cold air intake and a plenum spacer.

Cold air intakes are among the most tempting G37 coupe mods out there. The plenum is a part of your intake manifold. Plenum spacers are gasket-like metal structures which when fitted, increase the volume of air in the plenum chamber. This helps your engine to draw more air and to reduce heat soak.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. For over 10 years, UpRev has blazed a path in professional grade ECU tuning solutions for factory equipment.

Our products are proven to achieve dramatic results - our tuning systems are trusted by professional tuners, serious racers and daily drivers all over the world, to utilize the untapped potential otherwise left on the table. With UpRev, you can take your car to the next level with complete control and confidence. Unlock power, efficiency and speed, with an unrivaled level of customization and advanced tuning capabilities. Our innovative software and hardware interface is easy to use, and loaded with all of the impressive features you need to get the most out of your custom setup.

Whether you're looking for increased power, speed, or improved efficiency and mileage, UpRev offers the tools you need to get there. We have one of the largest dealer and user networks in the industry offering endless support, any time you need it.

Add to Cart. Contact Information.If your intention for your car is a classier and speedier performance then the Infiniti performance chip is the thing to buy. The Infiniti ECU chip invigorates this model from a drab look and slow moving car into a faster car that leaves the dust in its wake. The new Infiniti power chip will strengthen the engine set up of this car to a level that is without unnecessary noise, too much knocking and excess fuel spillage.

With an ECU computer the Infiniti will enhance its performance as far as trouble shooting is concerned. Furthermore the Infiniti performance chip when installed will automatically gain an increase in horsepower to a level that you will be left wondering if what you are experiencing is really true. Get yourself an Infiniti chip and take your car to the next level. You will live to enjoy the cruising feeling you only see in your dreams. Make Select Make. Model Select Model.

Infiniti Home Search by Vehicle Infiniti. Choose Options Compare. Quick view. Out of stock Compare. Add to Cart Compare. Cold Air Intake for Infiniti G20 2. Cold Air Intake for Infiniti I30 3.Then, list them in order from highest interest rate to smallest interest rate.

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infiniti g37 chip tuning

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Infiniti (G37) чип vs Infiniti (G37) (сток) !!! Лайф версия !!!

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