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Kz z1 review

By | 05.01.2021

These are a proposition in value with a lot of features that we liked and which stood out during our review but its definitely not perfect. On the inside, you will find two layers the top containing the earphones which sit inside the included charging case, and below is the accessories. The accessories included are nothing more than a few low-quality tips in varying sizes so there is very little worth writing about in this section.

KZ Z1 Full REVIEW: Sound Is Great, But Battery…

They have the styling of a traditional over-ear monitor but without the cables, this means that they are extremely comfortable and sit in the ear fairly securely when used with the right tips.

Additionally, I had zero discomforts when wearing them. The case is fantastic, its small and has a good mechanism to the lid. It is also very lightweight and I was a big fan of the satin finish to the plastics which makes handling very easy. The case is where we run into a major problem.

This thing charges off a micro-USB. That might not seem like a big deal but it is for me. The operation of the KZ Z1 was flawless. I have had them hooked up to my Galaxy Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11 Max as well as my Fitbit and as soon as I take the earphones out the case they find a connection instantly.

If you are not starting them up from the case it just takes a 3-second press of the power button to get them fired up and ready for action.

KZ S2 Review: Refining The Formula

Heres where it starts to get interesting. Each earbud has a small surface that will allow you to perform a number of functions. The only thing missing is a way to control the volume levels without having to reach for your phone.

This is definitely not a gimmick and it works so well its hard not to miss when moving to other wireless earbuds. The high-performance mode reduces the delay in audio that comes with many Bluetooth devices.

This is by far the biggest sticking point for my all-out recommendation of the Z1 earphones. In my testing for this review, the KZ Z1 returned just above 2 hours of playback each time. In fact, I think this is the shortest battery life I have ever seen on any product. An hour commute in the morning and then back in the charging case. Maybe pop them out for the lunch break, then back in the charging case.

Another commute home and an hour in the gym and back in the charging case. It actually makes sense to me because using more expensive headphones for listening to music. Only when I run in excess of 20km would I be likely to need more than 2 hours of juice.Search the site: Search. The world of true wireless earbuds is expanding every day and becoming more affordable than ever.

We reviewed the KZ S2s and liked them. How do the even cheaper KZ Z1 s stack up? Join us as we take a closer look. The KZ Z1s make a great first impression. The presentation is really well done considering the budget price point.

It somewhat makes up for this in thinness, however. It features a decent battery, and will recharge the earbuds about six times, on top of maintaining its own charge in standby for hours.

I also like that it has powerful magnets to pull the earbuds onto the charging pins. The earbuds themselves use single dynamic drivers within a double cavity housing. Combined, this allows the KZ Z1s to deliver a very rich sound that punches well above its class.

They offer a good amount of bass without sacrificing too much detail on the high end, which makes them a great fit for virtually every genre of modern music. The buds are molded to match the shape and ridges of your ears, which allowed me to get outside and play with the kids while keeping an earbud in. You could take these for a run and not worry about losing one, but like most earbuds, a vigorous shake could potentially break the seal, so I did have to reposition from time to time.

The KZs sport the latest version of Bluetooth, version 5. I tend to keep my phone nearby, but in the cases where I did have to walk away, I was able to walk a good 25 feet and through several walls before the connection started to get spotty.

kz z1 review

In normal use, they were rock solid. The earbuds also support independent earbud use, so you can listen with one earbud at a time. There are times when I need one ear open more than the other and the KZ Z1s were able to handle switching earbuds with ease. Once the two are connected, you can put the other back in the case without any pausing or skipping in your track. The touch controls are also easy and intuitive. Due to their shape, there are no physical buttons.

Instead, everything is controlled with taps. Double tapping skips tracks. Notably absent is volume control, however, which is disappointing but over fairly minor. A much bigger issue, and potentially deal-breaker for some users, is the two-hour battery life. In that use case, when one runs dry, I just swap out to the other one and pop the first back into its case.

In a year, when that battery starts to fade? Watching a video in bed where I might fall asleep. Doing yard work where debris could be a risk. Get these instead. Today, he acts as Hardware and Technology Editor, lead tech reviewer, and continues to love and write about games every chance he gets. Follow him on Twitter: GameByNight. Search the site: Search facebook twitter youtube twitch youtube gaming discord Dark or Light Theme toggle.

Lifestyle Tech. True Wireless Earbuds. You May Also Like. Black Desert Online. Final Fantasy XIV.In typical KZ fashion, they are releasing a flurry of true wireless earbuds TWS models that we are struggling to keep up with.

Now armed with a larger dynamic driver 10mm and a fresh coat of paint, how will the KZ Z1 fare? There is no official data on the battery life of the charging case, so we did a little calculation based on the battery capacity. Theoretically, the charging case can charge both earbuds 6 times. Multiplying by the 2hrs per full charge, we get 12 hrs. Every time I pick up the case, I find myself spending an extra couple of seconds fiddling with the case to find the correct opening direction.

This is due to the symmetrical design of the box and the thin groove on the opening side. You literally have to look at the damn case. There is a light indicator that shows the basic charging state and battery status. However, this light indicator is hidden within the case. You have to open the case itself to see the indicator. Nothing fancy in this department. I like the matte surface because it protects the case from fingerprint smudges. The build quality is decent.

The magnets hold the earbuds snug within the case and the cover shuts firmly without any loose parts. The charging case weighs 60g with the earbuds in and 50g without the earbuds. The lightweight-ness is offset by the slightly bulky form factor thus affecting the overall portability.

At 2hrs playtime per full charge, the playing time is probably the lowest in its class. The charging speed did not make up for the small amount of battery juice. The KZ Z1 uses touch sensors for its control. To register the action, you have to deliberate with the touches and even then, there are times where the action is registered wrongly. For example, I need to triple-tap for high-performance mode.

Due to the design smaller face plate of the IEM, the surface area to register touches is reduced, lowering the hit accuracy. There is no volume control on the earbuds so you have to depend on the volume adjustment from your audio source. This is especially useful when you stream and watch Youtube videos where lip sync can be an issue. I used this audio lag test video to try out the high-performance mode and the lag difference with the mode on and off is perceptible.

kz z1 review

The earbuds are designed to be medium-profile. It is not sticking conspicuously out of my ears but it is definitely noticeable. Even though I have no problem with the fit of the earbuds, I secretly wish the nozzle could be longer. The ear tips is doing the majority of the work to keep the earbuds snug within the ear canal.

I really dig the dark green and silver colorway of the earbuds as I rarely have seen such a color combination in the wild. The dark tone also hides the fingerprints well even though the material is glossy. As for a noisy environment, the KZ Z1 still managed to pick up a large amount of noise at the background. But thankfully, the voice still is clear and audible. It is not drowned out by the background noise. In fact, I will say that the KZ Z1 has a mic that punches way above the price range.

Both are using a single dynamic driver but with different materials.The guest on my website is very frequent — these are wireless earbuds from KZ company. Earlier I tested various models of KZ wired headphones. Currently, each user needs wireless earbuds and the brand decided to change its production to wireless devices. They have a specific sound and many useful features.

Can it really be so good for such a price? The device comes in a regular white box, where only the company logo is indicated on the front. On the side, there is a sticker with the main features and specs. Inside the box, there is a charging box with earbuds inside, four pairs of silicone white ear tips, where one is already installed on the earbuds, a MicroUSB charging cable, and a user manual.

If we talk about the quality of the box itself, then the cardboard is quite durable and the earbuds will reach you intact. What is the reason for having a micro USB port, I have no idea. To install the 10 mm driver inside the earbuds you need to try very hard to get a more compact size for comfortable wearing.

KZ Z1 received a rather interesting shape and appearance of wireless earbuds. They really sit well in the ears and have a good fit inside my ear canal. Of course, wearing for a long time will be problematic, but after If we talk about weight, then each earbud weighs about 5. This is an insignificant indicator and when I wore the device in my ears I did not feel them at all. The manufacturer offers two color options — it is green and black.

I have a green color on the review and it looks rather unusual. On the front of the case are the touch control and the company logo with an LED indicator. The inner part of the KZ Z1 earbuds received charging contacts and a sound guide, which is covered with a metal mesh.

The instructions and the official website do not indicate any information on protection against water. Therefore, most likely she is not here, but they should not be afraid of sweat or light rain.

The charging box looks a bit bulky, but it weighs quite a bit. Therefore, putting it in your pants pocket will be difficult, only in a backpack or other place. The cover opens with a slight backlash but is connected due to the magnetic connection.Hot Reviews.

KZ Z1 – Review

New Coupons. True Wireless 10mm Dynamic Driver. As of now, users can buy the KZ Z1 in 2 colors: black or green. The KZ Z1 comes with a new packaging that starts to look better than on older KZ true wireless earphones. The new packaging has a shiny logo and a textured cardboard; the thickness of the cardboard is quite generous resulting in a sturdy protection combined with the inner foam cutouts.

KZ Z1 TWS Earbuds Review: Cheap True Wireless with Great Sound

The KZ Z1 can be fully controlled through the back plates of each earpieces, which are touch sensitive. Each earpiece holds a single led light that indicates the status of the unit, such as: mode, low battery, etc. Different to the case of many older models, the Z1 offers a very stable magnetic attaching system that makes the earpieces sit firmly when placed inside the case.

Inside the earbuds, the KZ Z1 carries a 30mA one per side while the case has a mA internal battery that will charge the earpieces on-the-go. Unfortunately, the Z1 is not a record-beating model regarding battery life, as the earpieces reach minutes of playback time on each full charge. The charging port is placed on the bottom right of the case with a micro USB connector and a recommended charging input of 5V 1A. Note: the adhesive tap that you see in some of our photos is a protective piece that comes placed from the factory.

Bass on the KZ Z1 is energetic and fun to listen to. Their lower frequencies have a balance that is inclined more to mid-bass than to sub-bass, which consequently shows a very punchy sound that can cover any music genre and good depth. Sub-bass on the Z1 will not be as deep as ranking-leading basshead earphones but this will also allow them to have much lower risk of drowning their sound signature.

Despite this, their lower end is far from sounding rolled-off or bass-anemic while reaching the right amount of depth as to fulfill the needs of nearly any tracks. The KZ Z1 has a warm midrange that extending this tint from the lower to the upper end of the mids frequencies. Their lower mids and male vocals gain a cozy flavor while showing, also, a relaxed and bit busy lower end over their midrange and low-pitched vocals.

Despite this, there is not an excessive feel of muddiness. Their tuning could be defined as a gentle but not overly congested with a good sound personality for longer listening sessions. Pleasantly distributed highs that do not fall into a dark mess but neither sound unbearably sharp. Strong peaks that translate into sibilance and piercing spikes are rarely present on the KZ Z1 and whenever perceived they tended to be tolerable.

Listeners preferring a gentler but not necessarily muddy sound will find themselves at home with the KZ Z1 and even more when comparing it directly to other modern KZ earphones. Overall, all the team fully agreed that the KZ Z1 was fun and non-disturbing to listen to and offered a worry-free relaxing time. An EQ can squeeze out of the KZ Z1 highs a way more detailed and much brighter sound but if overdone sibilance and piercing peaks will risk to get hotter. The sound leaking out of the KZ Z1 is more or less inline with many average earphones.

This means, that this are not the most silent earphones on the market but will neither be as hearable as an open-back headphone. It worth noting that you should expect their leakage to increase exponentially when dialing up the volume. The particular shapes on the KZ Z1 embrace and adapt to their ears in a way that grants a way stronger isolation than most normal earphones. Users looking for a stronger isolation from the surrounding noises will have a very good performer with the KZ Z1.

The protruding sections of the earpieces grant a more stable placement in the ears and a very tight fit that allows them to safely withstand any normal activities without problems. The Z1 showed impressive response to EQ over mids, vocals, and highs but the results were not as remarkable over bass. Follow us:. Get the latest reviews on your favorite social network. Frequency Response raw.

The KZ Z1 is a very good true wireless earphone that will match quite-well listeners that enjoy a gentle and pleasant sound right out of the box.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Added by activatorfly Create date Jun 21, Overview Reviews 1 Gallery. Latest reviews activatorfly 4. Pros : Incredible micro-detail rendering especially for Bluetooth! Charging time was very quick and they are constantly trickle charged whilst in case. The controls work very extremely well with no glitches and are comprehensively laid out in the supplied instruction leaflet.

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kz z1 review

Comments There are no comments to display. You must log in or register to reply here.Have you heard about KZ Company? This is one of my favorite earbuds manufacturers. Unfortunately, not many people know about this brand.

KZ is one of the few companies that focuses on sound quality. So, the new wireless earbuds KZ Z1 have a very good sound, but there are also some drawbacks. You can also visit KZ Official Website. On the back, there is information about the manufacturer, while the main specifications are on the side face. Inside the box, you will find the charging case with earbuds, micro USB charging cable, and extra eartips of different size.

There is also a lot of paper, such as user manual, warranty and so on. By the way, I forgot to tell you the price of KZ Z1. I will leave the link in the description under the article. I like KZ earbuds because they look very interesting. As you can see, KZ Z1 has an unusual shape. The manufacturer says it is the perfect earbuds shape for the ears, so they are very comfortable.

I agree with them. The earbuds are really good in my ears. The weight of one earbud is 5 grams. There is also a touch control button. Talking about the charging case, it is quite big. However, the battery capacity is almost the same as the other earbuds charging cases. For example, I have tested Dudios Tic the last week. Its charging case has almost the same battery capacity, as KZ Z1, but it is much smaller. The micro USB charging port is located on the right side, but not on the back, as usual.

I could forgive micro USB inbut not in I hope that the next year the manufacturers will forget about micro USB forever. KZ Z1 earbuds have master and slave mode. It means that you can use both earbuds or only one of them. To connect the earbuds to a smartphone, you just need to take them out of the charging case, go to Bluetooth settings on your phone, and choose KZ Z1. When you take the earbuds out of the charging case the next time. They will automatically connect to your mobile device.

As I already said, KZ Z1 has touch control buttons. Double-tap on the right earbud to play the next song, and on the left one to play the previous song. The triple tap activates gaming mode. By the way, the game mode is another feature of KZ Z1.

I know that many TWS earbuds in have game mode, but it is really a good feature. KZ Z1 earbuds are equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver. As I said before, I like KZ earbuds because of the interesting ergonomic design and sound quality.

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