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By | 30.01.2021

Well everyone knows about famous Hollywood personality Marie Osmond, many may not know about her husband Steve Craig. Steve Craig is an athlete turned motivational speaker based in Los Angeles. The former basketball player also worked as a producer before switching his career to a motivational speaker. However, his exact birth date is still unknown. Stephen grew up in the Mormon way of life and still holds up to it.

As per some sources, he has attended Brigham Young University. He established his identity as a basketball player from the same college. He was drafted to be the part of NBA in and was finally selected in the draft. Steve was selected to play from team Philadelphia Sixers. For the team, he played the position of the Point Guard. Till now he has played 86 games before his retirement. After his basketball career, Steve dabbled in the music production for a while before he worked as a motivational speaker.

Steve Craig is mainly in the highlight due to his relationship with Marie Osmond than through his professional career. Craig grabbed all the media attention towards him when he exchanged vows with Marie Osmond. Steve and Marie Osmond got married on July 26, How did they fall in love with each other is still a puzzle.

The basketball player turned motivational speaker embraced the parenthood on April 20, Their first born was named as Stephen James Craig.

steve craig byu basketball

Just a couple of years after their son was born, they parted their ways. The reason behind their separation was kept secret. However, as said true love never dies, the couple got remarried on May 4, Who am I going to see there? So excited!! Steve rekindled his love with Marie even after 26 years of separation. Separated inMarie and Steve again got united on May 4, His real name is Stephen Lyle Craig.

The former Football player and his wife have a son named Stephen James Craig born and is currently working as an actor. However, the couples were divorced in due to some of their personal issues and Marie was later married to Brian Blosil in and the couples welcomed two children and moreover they also adopted five kids named Abigail Olive May, Michael Bryan, Brianna Patricia, Jessica Marie, and Brandon Warren.

However, the actress again got separated from her second husband in March and she started dating her former partner, Steve and were wedded in a small ceremony in Stephen was a professional Basketball player and she had played for his college team.

However, he is professionally a Production Designer and has worked in various firms. As a motivational speaker, he has traveled around the globe for various public speaking events and has inspired thousands of people. However, there is only limited information available about his professional life and we will update it very soon. Celebrity Wiki.

Steve Craig: Less Known Facts About Marie Osmond’s Husband

Related Posts Celebrity Wiki. Steve Craig Biography.Basketball is a sport that has come to be associated with America, although it is played in many countries in the world. This nationwide and cultural phenomenon receives the credit for the fame a lot of people have enjoyed in the past and currently enjoy.

One of such people is Steve Craig, who led a relatively successful career as a basketball player, but this is not why he is known by people who are not even fans of the game; his marriage to Marie Osmond who can rightfully be described as having more social status than he does explains the reason for the fame he enjoys. To learn more about his life and his marriage to the talented and brilliant Marie Osmond, keep reading.

It is safe to say that Stephen Lyle Craig had no fame before he got married; a lot of information about his early life is not known. While it is known that he was born in in Provo Utah, the exact date he was born is not known. Stephen Craig grew up in the Mormon way of life, which he stills upholds till date. For his university degree, he went to Brigham Young University and this is where he started his career in the game of basketball. After his career as a basketball player, it is believed that Steve Craig dabbled in the production of music for a while before becoming a motivational speaker.

He has however found a way to lead a life under the radar.

Marie Osmond's Husband, Steve Craig Wiki: Age, Net Worth

Steve Craig and Marie Osmond got married in on the 26 th of June. The couple then had their first child together, Stephen James Craig Jr. Sadly, by the couple got a divorce, barely three years into the marriage. However, inthey got married again.

This time the ceremony was publicized and Marie wore the same wedding dress she wore for the first wedding. Marie has stated a number of times how grateful she is for Steve Craig coming back into her life.

Who knew that helping her move into her new home would have rekindled a love she had thought as long lost? It seems that the two are in it for the long haul this time around. Unlike Steve Craig, Osmond has always been in the limelight and it would seem that the only time the public ever hears about Craig is when he is in a relationship with Osmond.

After her first marriage to Craig, she got married to was Brian Blosil and the marriage occurred a year after her divorce from Craig. She and Blosil had a total of seven children together; of the seven, five were adopted while the other two were given birth to biologically. But intragedy struck the family and the second child she adopted, Michael Bryan, killed himself by jumping out of a window. Osmond described the experience as being mentally traumatic. She and Blosil were separated for a few years before they eventually got divorced in Throughout his career, both in college and professionally, Steve Craig played a total of eighty-six games before retiring.

Till this day, it is not known how the two crossed paths. However, her most unusual occupation is as a maker of dolls.

Answers Africa. Steve Craig and Marie Osmond image source. Who is Cory Booker? Here Are Facts.Marie Osmond has been in the public eye since she was a cherubic toddler who wandered onto a stage where her older brothers were performing. Since that time, the brunette songbird has entertained millions on TV and in concert halls. Because she leads such a busy lifeone might wonder if Marie ever found time to raise kids. Marie and Stephen divorced in Octoberand she married executive consultant Brian Blosil one year later.

After Blosil adopted young Stephen, he and Osmond produced two biological children of their own. Together, the pair adopted five kids, four of whom are still alive.

Craig Cusick-BYU Basketball

After her adoptive parents divorced inJessica stopped using the name Blosil and changed her surname to Osmond. Jessica came out as bisexual in Today, Jessica is a cop in Utah. Michael Bryan was the second child adopted by Marie and Brian Blosil. Born May 4,Michael was in and out of rehab from an early age and sadly perished after jumping from an eighth floor balcony in Los Angeles in Shortly before his suicide at age 18, Michael had his surname legally changed from Blosil to Bryan.

Born November 19,Brianna married David Schwep in Today, Matt, as he prefers to be called, is a year-old Eagle Scout who openly shares his day to day life on Instagram. In this stage of my life journey, I find myself pondering the well discussed subject of how we spend our time.

The topic of music came up and how it effects us. I may be a bit biased, but my daughter is wise for her age! Again… pretty dang smart! After we got home, I pondered what my daughter said about the music we listen to and how it truly can impact our overall mood and lives.

Does it qualify as uplifting or does it bring us down? And like my Abi, what are we willing to remove from our playlists that might have a negative effect on us and the time we spend listening to it? Happy Sunday! In MarchMarie and Brian Blosil divorced, and several of their adopted kids changed their last names to Osmond. Abigail Olive May. View this post on Instagram.Esteban Dale Trumbo Hawkescommonly known as Steve Trumbo born May 20,is a former American professional basketball player, with Spanish citizenship.

At a height of 6'9'' he played at the center position. He was best known for his success in rebounding was the best in rebounds in the Liga ACB two years in a rowand his great capacity for effort on the court, especially defensively. Trumbo played college basketball at Brigham Young Universitywhere he did very well in the college level. However, he did not end up making it into the NBA. Inhe signed with FC Barcelonawhere he played seven seasons, between andand attained his greatest achievements: he won 4 Spanish League championships, 3 Spanish Cupsand one Prince of Asturias Cup.

Inhe signed with Caja San Fernando of Sevillawhere he played his last two seasons of his profession.

Steve Craig Wiki (Marie Osmond’s Wife), Age, Kids, Net Worth, Family, Bio

Inhe retired, and started a career as a basketball coach. After he retired from playing professional basketball, Trumbo became a basketball coach. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved November 21, Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.As a BYU basketball fan, things have never been better than they are right now.

But this sudden announcement on a very slow day for college hoops already has Twitter buzzing. I have to say it was truly gut wrenching. But we don't know the details, so it's hard to judge. Davies seems like a great kid who probably just made a mistake. It happens. BYU students agree to live by incredibly high moral standards.

Anyone who signs the BYU Honor Code agrees to not drink alcohol or other illicit substances, and not engage in any premarital sexual activity. The specific nature of Davies' violations are not known at this time, and to me they aren't that important. Whatever the violation was, Davies is more than paying the price for it.

steve craig byu basketball

Most students who have a problem with the honor code will get quietly suspended and then get readmitted to the school after a certain period of time if they so choose.

But because of his status as a high-profile athlete on the best BYU basketball team ever, Davies struggles with the honor code are already making national news.

The important thing for BYU fans to realize is that this isn't the end of the world by any means. It certainly makes things tougher, no doubt. But BYU is still in excellent position to make a deep run in March.

Davies' void in the middle can be filled by a combination of going small with Noah Hartsock at the five, and Stephen Rogers at the four.

steve craig byu basketball

With this lineup, BYU is fast and athletic, and all five guys are capable of stroking it from three point range. James Anderson will have to step up big time.

Depending on the matchup, he may have to start. He is a very solid defender on the low block, but limited offensively. Ultimately Davies was a weapon.

2011–12 BYU Cougars men's basketball team

He will be missed. But BYU fans cannot let his sudden departure overshadow what has been an incredible run. We still have Jimmer Fredette, the best player in the country.

We still have Jackson Emery, one of the best defenders in the country. The Cougars are still a great basketball team.Staff Members. Future Draft Picks. NBA Draft History. Salary Cap. Drafted: Round 5, Pick 22, Philadelphia Sixers. College: Brigham Young Menu NBA. If asked to close out the season under the context of Las Vegas isolation, individuals would be flattened to one dimension to fulfill the single purpose of playing games: they are entertainers.

We are the audience. The roles are explicit. Suspended Indefinitely: J. Rider Misses The Bus. You could glimpse something spectacular in his sporadic effort, his brief spells of best behavior.

Defenders couldn't contain him, he couldn't contain himself. An entire league of bosses, teachers, and allies couldn't hold him. How will our relationship with players change when the game returns, now that they shared with us their most vulnerable moments? When are we allowed to care about the scoreboard and standings? Kevin Garnett skipped college partially out of necessity, but also perhaps because he realized that it was just an extra, intermediate step toward his ultimate goal.

Convention was the only thing holding him back, and when you're as gifted as young K. San Antonio. Step 2: Choose the Players Select the players you wish to trade from the rosters below.

Step 3: Verify the Trade Confirm that your trade proposal is valid according to the NBA collective bargaining agreement. Select the first team from the drop down menu.

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