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Very short moral stories in hindi for class 8

By | 27.01.2021

Moral stories Archive. Once upon a time, there lived a Swan near a lake in a forest. One night, an Owl saw the Swan gliding on the lake in the moonlight. He praised the Swan and soon, the two became friends. Read More One day, Zeus, the King of all Gods, was very angry with the people.

The Greeks believe that Prometheus is the Potter God. He makes man from clay. One day, he decided to sculpt a statue of Truth, who would control the behaviour of the people. While he was working, Jupiter suddenly called him. Once, there was a man who kept many Bees on his farm. His farm had many beehives that contained honeycombs.

One day, when the Beekeeper was away, a thief crept into his farm and stole all the honeycombs. Once, there were two Men who wanted to marry the same beautiful Girl. One of these Men was rich and the other one was poor. The Poor Man earned his living by renting out his donkey.

very short moral stories in hindi for class 8

Once upon a time, a Bear lived in the forest. He was huge and would eat a lot of food. However, he was very lazy. So, he enjoyed eating the remains of the prey left by the bigger animals. One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest. He wanted to catch a very special kind of bird. So, he looked everywhere to find a wonderful bird.

Suddenly, he heard a strange sound. A long time ago, when life on Earth was being created, God Zeus was giving out gifts to all the creatures.

God Zeus gave strength to the elephants. That is why elephants can carry large logs of wood with their trunks. One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest to catch some Wild Doves. He took some of his own Tame Doves and tied them to his net. Next, he spread out the net and hid himself behind a tree.Stories are, perhaps, the best way to teach life lessons to children.

You can teach them the values and morals without being preachy. During the story time at home, come up with some short moral stories for kids to enjoy the story line while also learning a lesson or two. MomJunction has compiled such interesting stories with videoswhich you may use the next time your child asks for a story. The classics are the best. These are short stories we have heard more than once, and even told more than once.

But we like listening to these stories and telling them to our kids and anyone who is willing to listen! Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy who was bored watching his flock of sheep on the hill. The sheep are being chased by the wolf! They found nothing and the boy just laughed looking at their angry faces. The boy just laughed at them.

The angry villagers warned the boy a second time and left. The boy continued watching the flock. Please help! The wolf is chasing the sheep.

But this time, no one turned up to help. The boy sat on the hill weeping. In ancient Greek, there was a king named Midas. He had a lot of gold and everything he needed. He also had a beautiful daughter. Midas loved his gold very much, but he loved his daughter more than his riches.

Believing that Satyrs always bring good luck, Midas lets Silenus rest in his palace until he is sober, against the wishes of his wife and daughter.

Silenus is a friend of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration.Nice collection of stories. Good they are in hindi. For more moral stories check out hindishortstory. Mujhe aisi kahaniya bahut pasand free time me aksar aisi kahaniya padta rahta hu so ye Pancho kahaniya mujhe bahut acchi lagi. Thank you very much Vijay. Aapne Bahut hi Acchi kahani share ki haiek bahut achha moral ke saaath apne ise present kiya.

Future mein aur aise kahani share jarur kijiyega. The stories are very nice. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Very Nice Stories. Thanks Reply. NYC Reply. Veri nice kahaniya akber beer Reply. Very nice stories Reply. Nice one Reply. Very nice Reply. Waoooooo i like this story Reply. Exlent story Reply. Nice story Reply. Vry vry nic story. Nice collection by you. I am pleasure to read your best valuable story. These stories are valuable to everyone. It is very nice stories and human will flow this story of moral they will best life in the world Reply.

Bahut hi badia kahaniya Reply.

very short moral stories in hindi for class 8

Sari kahaniyan acchi this. Highly motivational posts. Birbal Reply. I like it. Mujhe aisi kahaniya bahut pasand free time me aksar aisi kahaniya padta rahta hu so ye Pancho kahaniya mujhe bahut acchi lagi Reply.

Bahut hi khubsurat kahani thi…. Aur lAst ka moral Bahut hi accha tha… Reply. Nice one stories Reply. Bahut achhi siksha mila padhkar Reply. Sir your collection is good.

Very nice story Reply. Vijay sir in 5 kahaniyo se bahut kuchh sikhne ko Mila very very good story… Reply.Hindi Stories with moral. These stories were very bad They did not have dat punch… Need to write better ones! These stories are meant for small children. You cannot view them through adult eyes and criticise them. These are excellent stories with good moral.

Tomorrow you will say that the stories of Vishnu Sharma ever heard of the Panchatantra stories? Ya crt u should not view these stories through adult eyes… By the way these stories r too good…. They are not that bad like even if you want to have some punch in your stories then why did you even come here huh???

You dumb!!!! Then u write a story and publish i am sure they would be horrible than you thought these stories are!!!! It is not a poem dear. It is a story. U r not given such a right to cll someone illiterate…. U also dont feel… I am also sorry …. There are very interesting stories and it has berry good Morals of these stories so I hope you ma give some other stories. All the stories were really inspirational. Post more hindi stories like these.

I just loved reading all of them and it helped me a lot for my class activity. It is very long……I wanted to do this for my hindi story telling…. Poori story padhne ke liye hamare blog par aa sakte hein. Khani bhut hi achi thi, padke bhut mza aaya Motivational Story in Hindi. The stories are so nyc that it helped me to complete my story reviews. Nice collection of stories….

Nice stories …. Keep writing… Bahut pasand aayi ye kahaniya. Aise hi likhte rahiye aur hame prerit krte rahiye. I have to say very very nice story all three stories are very nice I have activity this stories helpfully for me thank you narrate.

The story is very awesome story and marvelous. The moral of the story teaches a moral in our lives. Moral story in Hindi short.

very short moral stories in hindi for class 8

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You might also like…. Ya mujhe hindi reflection me yeh stories bahot kaam aaya U and me same same darling.

Yes u r right why there is a full stop at the end of the 3rd story? Explain us please. Why r u fighting mistakes can happen with anyone no one is perfect.Today we are writing Hindi short stories with moral for kids. These stories are only for kids and also written in that lucid language. These hindi stories with moral may also be useful for teachers.

Below are 7 very interesting stories written in Hindi. We hope you will like this Hindi story collection. Moral of this short hindi story — Never be too arrogant. Your work should tell your importance to the world. Akbar birbal stories in hindi with moral. Best motivational story in hindi for students — short stories.

Moral of this short hindi story — Hard work with smartness is the key to success. Always focus on smart work. Hindi stories for class 1, 2 and 3 — Short hindi stories with morals. Moral hindi stories for class 4 students in short. Hindi funny story for everyone haasya kahani. Child story in hindi with easy to understand moral value.

Moral of this short hindi story — Understand the agony of others. You will never feel any sorrow. Hindi panchatantra stories best collection at one place. Always love your best friend. And take the time to choose your friends or company of friends. Because this company with friends will decide your behavior towards the situation in life. We have more Hindi short stories with moral for kids on our website. Read more. Very nice stories in hindi for kids.

Even i think it is the best hindi stories written here in hindi. Thanks to writers. Thank you very much shibbu kumar. We are working very hard to make more and more stories in hindi for kids. Awesome story I was given a project by my teacher to write a story on sheet and also learn it I wrote the friends story and got full marks. Hats off to the writers. Thanks vanshika for appreciation, we love to write these type of contents for you people, just help us to spread our creativity.

Thanks rajib. If you want to read other such storiesthen go and find out hindi stories section. Very beautiful and amazing short hindi stories are written by you sir. It is just splendid. Hope we will get these type of stuffs regularly in future too. Thanks mister saxenawe have already uploaded many hindi stories before.To get right knowledge in your life devotion is important.

Devotion to whom? You should devote yourself towards your mentor to get right knowledge and education in your desired field. Devotion is also important because there remains no space for unnecessary questions.

Everything you understand is only based on a right belief without any previous mix ups. Hindi stories for class 9. Akbar birbal stories in hindi with moral. There are many lags in our education system. And that is what students are learning which is not good. By this hindi stories for class 8 students will get value of learning things themselves. Hindi panchatantra stories best collection. Purpose of this hindi stories for class 8 students is only that students should learn, and know the basic values.

Which they should must have in their character. Hindi stories for class 1, 2 and 3. Moral hindi stories for class 4. Best motivational story in hindi for students — short stories. Hindi funny story for everyone haasya kahani. Very good storiessir.

7 Hindi short stories with moral for kids

Amazing content I just loved it. I want more such hindi stories in future on your website. Thanks mansi negi. We have already written hundreds of stories in our website. Have you checked them? They are placed as internal links in this article. You can read them too. Thanks nosheen for such wonderful words. We will keep writing these type of stories in future too. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Thanks harish Reply. Thanks for your appreciation Reply. I like story very much Reply. Keep coming and keep loving Radha kaushik Reply. Ok rakesh we will upload more such hindi stories in future. Loved these stories.

Cycle Ride - साइकिल की सवारी class-8

Hope to see more stories on your website. Mujhe yah kahani bahuth hi achchi lgi Reply.Story writing is an art. It is the oldest form of written composition. It is a work of imagination that is written in easily understandable grammatical structure. A short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible. To write a good story the writer needs to have a clear plot in his mind.

The events need to be arranged in a sequential manner. Then there should be some interesting twists and surprise elements in the story in order to make it interesting.

Moral Stories in Hindi for Class 8, 9 | Short Story

Characters A short story has few characters. Setting Time frame and place constitute setting of short stories. Plot As simple and as interesting as possible. Conflict It is the struggle between two sides of the theme of the story. Conflict can be between characters, emotions, beliefs or thoughts.

It gives life to short stories. Theme The central idea or the main belief of the story is the theme. Every word of the story should be written related to the theme. As a student you will either be given opening lines or an outline of the plot. You will be required to build the outline or the theme provided, into a full-fledged story.

You should try to make it as interesting as possible. Develop stories from given outlines. Remember to give the moral of the story in the end. An old lady becomes blind …………. Starts stealing one piece of furniture daily ……….

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