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Wet sanding runs in single stage paint

By | 11.04.2021

Did you enjoy the video? This is a single-stage on an SUV and have acquired paint runs from the 2nd coat up to the 3rd coat. I flat-sanded it down and wet sand then buffed it out. But, I would like to know how to remove the visible runs. The deep runs are on the doors. Any technique will be appreciated. Regards, Gavin. The only way to fix it is to repaint that panel. You can, however hide it with a molding or a pinstripe.

This is a beautiful color, by the way. It might be a little metallic or pearl-ish in the sun. Thanks Gavin for sending in your question with pictures. I hope you learned from this short video, including you guys out there.

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By 15 he had painted his first car, and by 19 he ran his own successful auto body and paint shop. He's helped tens of thousands of people just like you from all parts of the world. And now he wants to help and teach you so you can customize, fix or restore any type of project you desire with professional auto body instruction and materials.

Subscribe to stay in touch and come back often. New to this website? Watch this! Auto body and paint expert, Author and Instructor Tony grew up painting cars and bikes. Learn more about Tony.Many types of urethane paints require that you paint your car in stages, applying several different coats that must then be allowed to dry before the next coat is added.

Depending on the sequence of steps, wet sanding is usually advised at various stages of the process, and with a process that takes four or more coats you can expect to sand twice. Single-stage urethane bypasses some of these time-consuming steps, but at a cost. When urethane paints are applied in stages, the last stage is applying the "clear coat" or layer of protector design to add to the sheen of the paint and protect it from damage.

This is not part of the urethane process, but it is common even with single-stage urethane paints. If you choose to use a clear coat, be sure to do any necessary sanding first, since afterward you will be forced to sand through the clear coat itself.

When using a single-stage paint that has a chemical hardener, you will probably need to wait only 24 hours or so before sanding. The hardener allows the paint to dry faster and more crisply, so sanding will be more effective earlier on in the process.

Urethane coats that progress in stages do not generally use this type of hardener, since the layers naturally build on top of one another, but single stage brands use it to provide the necessary support to the single layer. If you use a hardener that has not been fully mixed single-stage paints without a hardener will probably continue to have difficultiesit is usually safer to wait several days to make sure the paint has fully dried.

You should only sand your urethane coat to remove problem areas, such as scratches, ridges, bubbles or other problems that have developed in the paint. Wet sanding uses a mixture of wet grit and sandpaper to sand down these flaws into a smooth surface. In multi-coat processes, to grit-level sandpaper can be used, followed by to rated paper in the end to remove all blemishes. But with a single-stage paint job, you should use only grade sandpaper and use an electric sander or buffer instead of doing it by hand.

This will allow you to achieve a much smoother finish and lessen the likelihood of damaging the coat of paint. Single stage urethane coats, especially on metallic colors, can become dulled by the sanding process. Sometimes this dulling is expected, and you can solve it by applying protective coats of wax as soon as the paint has cured. At other times you run the risk of permanently dulling the paint, so always be careful when sanding.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us.

About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. My brother in law just painted his car and is looking for advice on wet sanding. I have had conflicting responses on what grits to use. The car has some pretty good orange peel. The paint is a semi-gloss finish and he is not sure what grits to use to get a dcent finish with out using rubbing compound if possible.

TrioxinKustomsJul 23, I am pretty sure it is urethane.

Wetsanding single stage paint

I don't understand, you want to wetsand it but not buff it out? The semi-gloss finish is gone once you sand it, typically you wetsand first before buffing, but if you just sand it it'll be pretty obvious. I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. SquablowJul 23, Wet sanding a semi-gloss finish? I wouldn't think you'll acheive the desired effect of semi-gloss. The orange peel doesn't matter to much, its just kind of rough. He doean't want to repaint it, just wants it looking a little better than what it does.

We will give the and see how that comes out.Wet sanding will turn your new enamel paint job from a spotty, uneven mess into a glazed finish that will make your car gleam.

The skills and supplies needed to wet sand your enamel paint job are few, so don't be intimidated.

🚗 Color sanding Runs From a Single Stage Paint Job

You can perform wet sanding once or refine the enamel with successive sanding. No matter what your personal preference, you'll save money by doing it yourself and maintain your car's finish.

Inspect your enamel paint job under a strong light before you begin. Look for any imperfections, scratches or thick spots. While you may discover new trouble spots when wet sanding, a good inspection before you begin can help you improve your painting skills for next time.

Fill a bucket with cold water. Attach your wet sandpaper to the sanding block. Dip the wet sandpaper into the bucket. To sand a finished enamel paint job, you need to use at least grit sandpaper. To refine the sanding job further, you can repeat the wet sanding process with grit sandpaper then finish with grit sandpaper. The number refers to the size of the sandpaper grit, with the larger numbers indicating smaller particles. Rub the wet sandpaper along the contours of your enamel paint job using a back-and-forth motion.

Do not swirl, make circles or perform any other movement. Dip the wet sandpaper into the bucket frequently to ensure there's enough water on the surface of your car.

Continue to wet-sand the enamel on the exterior of the car. To sand corners or curves, take the sandpaper off of the sanding block and manually sand the contours. Rinse your sandpaper in the bucket to remove excess enamel flecks; work over the entire surface of the car.

Rinse your car's body with water from a hose or a bucket. Dry the car with cotton cloths or let it air-dry. Inspect your car's finish again, looking for spotty areas. You may want to refine the finish more by wet-sanding again with grit paper. Polish the enamel finish with a rubbing compound on a clean cotton rag. Work the rubbing compound into the car's body by scrubbing in small concentric circles.

Move over the car, covering the entire body. This will remove any scratches in the finish and prepare the car for wax polishing. Polish your car with carnauba wax, once you've finished applying the rubbing compound, in the same manner.

wet sanding runs in single stage paint

This brings out the shine in your new enamel paint job. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Inspect your enamel paint job under a strong light before you begin.

wet sanding runs in single stage paint

Step 2 Fill a bucket with cold water.Video tutorial on how to wet sand and polish paint. I originally released a wet sanding tutorial video back inso this is my updated version covering commonly asked questions and showing a more detailing process along with what to expect during each stage.

First I will be starting out with single stage paint and in the second part of the video will be two stage paint. Wet sanding will remove orange peal, improving the clarity and imagine in the paint. It will also help remove foreign contaminants which maybe on the surface in the paint along with runs, overspray, and even paint oxidization.

It can be used on both single and two stage paints. Single stage paints is a form of paint applied which is both the color and finish coat and will dry with a shiny finish. Two stage paints require a base coat which is a color and finally a clear coat which provides the final shine and protection to the base color. Wet sanding is a great way to improve a good paint job and can even be used to help improve the quality of a poorly laid paid layer.

Starting first with this Ranger that I repaired the cab corner on. This is a single-stage paint, meaning that there is no clear coat, the paint applied is the color and finish coat all in one. If you are planning on wet sanding a current project that painting, make sure you have enough paint material to work with.

Otherwise, you can sand or burn through the paint layer, exposing the primer or causing thing areas which may create a ghosting effect. The area would need to be repainted in order to repair this mistake. After painting something, I typically like to wait at least a week so the paint is cured, however, this can depend on the paint thickness and your climate. Using a bucket of water, soap can be mixed in to help aid in the sanding process. With the sandpaper, backing pads can be used, this can be anything from a flexible rubber pad to a foam block.

Courser grits can be used, typically I like to start with grit. Wet-Dry compatible sandpaper can only be used here, other types of sandpaper will fall apart when exposed to water. Ensure the surface is clean and wet, always pre-soak the sandpaper and then continue to sand the surface.

Evenly go over the surface removing any orange peel. Always keep the surface well lubricated and rinse away any sanding material when needed. Considering this was a blended area, overspray or heavy orange peel can be present at the fade areas, especially since this was done with spray paint. You can lightly go over this area. The high areas have been touched with the sandpaper, while the low areas are still shiny. Around body lines or edges, this can be done by hand, but be very careful when using your hand.

If you are sanding close to trim pieces, these can be covered up with tape as a form of protection.Orange peel, wrinkling, paint curtains—these are all conditions that can ruin an automotive paint job.

And neither does your fear of painting your own hot rod or truck. Find out how to avoid and fix, if necessary these seven common paint maladies and tackle your next paint job at home. Once cured, you can sand out any imperfections and reapply the paint. Avoid the same mistakes by keeping the common causes above in mind. This is one of the most common conditions we hear mentioned when people talk about painting their own vehicle. If orange peel is significant, sand out imperfections and reapply paint using properly reduced material, air pressure, and technique.

Making adjustments to the gun settings may also help. When struggling with runs, sags, or curtains on an automobile, there are some likely culprits.

Appearing as small, circular craters spread throughout the paint film, fish eyes are a common enough problem that you can find specialized Fish Eye Eliminator. There is one reason for the appearance of fish eyes: contamination.

Contamination found on the substrate oil, water, grease, wax, etc. This can occur when water and oil enter the air stream due to the absence of a water and oil separator, or the reuse of shop rags, which may have previously been used with silicone or other materials.

How to Wet Sand and Polish Paint

If the paint is dry: Sand out fish eyes, and then reapply paint material. Add a fish eye eliminator to the paint before reapplying. The surface should always be completely clean and dry before applying paint materials. The dried paint film is no longer adhering to the substrate, causing it to pull away in strips or flakes. For larger problem areas, sand the entire paint surface and reapply paint material. Take care to follow application instructions and build the material to a sufficient film thickness.

Keep in mind, though, that all paints will lose some degree of gloss over time due to everyday weathering.Many Thanks Katherine Davies Hi Katherine, thanks for getting in grey and chrome tidy rail with two rails. Which recipe were you using for the flapjacks.

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wet sanding runs in single stage paint

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